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My first regency romance series, The Sisterhood of Independent Ladies, is coming in late 2023!  Here’s more about it:

Their mothers of the sisterhood shared three things: the same London Season, prosperous matches, and all became widowed before the birth of their first child. These mothers also share something else. A determination to ensure their daughters suffer no loss of independence, wealth, or social standing just because they weren’t born male. Never underestimate a mother’s love nor the strength and desire to succeed that they instill within their daughters.

My next regency romance series, Seven Unsuitable Sisters, is coming in 2024! Here’s more about it:

Chance Abarough, Duke of Broadmere inherited the title upon the passing of dear Papa. With one caveat, he can’t touch the entirety of his family’s amassed fortune until his seven sisters are HAPPILY wed. Chance’s parents enjoyed a rare and passionate love match and wished the same for their children.

No more visits to gambling hells or carefree times of traveling abroad with friends. His meager allowance can’t bear it. So, his days of revelry are hereby muted. At least until his beloved sisters are happily married to satisfy his parents’ will and the solicitor overseeing the directives. Then he will be free to do as he pleases. That day cannot come soon enough. If it ever comes.

He loves his sweet sisters but they are wholly unsuitable for the marriage market due to his dearly departed parents’ much too open-minded views on childrearing. All seven are wild, giddy, opinionated things who he fears may be too old for breaking to the ton’s bridle. He prays heaven will help him. For it will be by Providence alone that he accomplishes this task and becomes the Duke of Broadmere in more than name only.

The Ghost won the 2022 RONE award for Best Historical Ancient Romance.

The Guardian won the 2020 RONE award for Best Historical Ancient Romance.

Taming Her Highland Legend was a 2022 HOLT Medallion Award of Merit Finalist in the Speculative category.