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Stone Guardian

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Stone Guardian
(Celtic Myth and Legends) - A Scottish Fantasy Romance

All he wanted was to end his fate.
All she wanted was a new beginning.
They both got just what they asked…
Just not like they planned.
The old adage is true: Be careful what you wish for.

As guardian of the realm portals hidden among the Outer Hebrides, Chieftain Torin Grey discovers the consequences of challenging the gods. Betrayed by a wife he adored beyond reason; Torin ignores the gods' edict and dares to change his fate. The punishment for such disobedience? Stasis in a cursed sleep while all he cherishes turns to dust. Torin can’t imagine a worse sentence but that’s before the gods awaken him to a world he no longer knows.

Science + Data = Fact. Pediatrician Emma Maxwell only believes in what she can prove. Career-driven and raising her sister since her parents’ death, Emma doesn’t waste time or energy on anything as unexplainable as emotion. While starting a children’s clinic on the Isle of Lewis, Emma ignores the eerie pull of the Callanish Stones, chalking the sensation up to some scientific anomaly. But when she finds herself nose to nose with an ancient Scot babbling that Emma possesses magic, her scientific explanations become much harder to find. It boils down to one of two things: either Torin has escaped from a mental institution or the stress of leaving college-age sister alone while starting a clinic halfway around the world has finally pushed Emma over the edge.

Emma and Torin are the world's last hope when the gods realize the beast they unleashed to cleanse mankind should never have been unshackled. Their combined powers are the only weapon strong enough to overcome the demon and save humanity. But for their joined magic to work, Torin must accept the truths of his past and Emma must embrace an unexplainable future that includes neither science nor her sister. 

Will magic and love win out…or is the world doomed?
*Previously published in 2014, this exciting Scottish historical fantasy romance that brings Celtic myths and legends to life is refreshed, dressed up with a new cover, and ready for your reading pleasure! Immerse yourself in this passionate tale about magic, myth, and love conquering all!



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Heart pounding, Emma clenched the empty folders against her chest. Had Torin finally listened to her advice and decided to seek out some help? Bare-chested, damp kilt slung low around his hips, Torin electrified the room, filled it with a primitive energy. Emma swallowed hard, trying to ignore the rush of heat steaming away any sign of dampness from her rain soaked skin. What in the blazes was her problem? Other men didn’t trigger that molten lava feeling from her waist down. Of course, other men didn’t walk into the clinic flexing their tanned, muscular abs like a peacock spreading his plumage for a mate. Dragging her stare from the tattooed glyphs shimmering across his chest, Emma struggled to find her voice. “Wh-why—what are you doing here?”

Moira sidled closer to Emma’s shoulder, whispering behind a shield of papers as she tucked them into Emma’s hands. “Perhaps he thought ye could help with his scars since ye come from overseas.”

Ignoring Moira, Emma took a step toward Torin and repeated, “Why are you here?” Torin needed to state that he needed help. Only then would she believe he’d finally arrived at the logical decision and might be ready to heal.

Torin’s gray eye narrowed in Moira’s direction, indicating he’d overheard her whisper behind the papers. With a chest-expanding inhale, Torin widened his stance as his gaze riveted back to Emma. “You and I are no’ finished.”