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Love's Charity -- Maeve Greyson

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Love’s Charity
Highland Heroes Holiday Novella

Sometimestrue love needs a little nudge
When Marianna Kennedy agreed to be Evander Cameron’s wife, it was the happiest day of his life. But then the rumors started. Vicious tales so hard for Marianna to ignore, that bitter hatred poisoned their precious love.

Unfortunately, the two foughtas hard as theyloved, making everyone in the keep miserable. So miserable, that Chieftain MacCoinnich gave them a choice for their punishment. Deliver a happy Yuletide to the poor or scrub muck from the garderobe sluices.

They chose to serve the poor. But in the end, they received so much more than they gave.

Highland Heroes
Book 1 - The Guardian
Book 2 - The Warrior
Book 3 - The Judge
Book 4 - The Dreamer
Novella - A Yuletide Yearning
Novella - Love's Charity

(Note: This story was first published as part of the Dragonblade Publishing Boxed set Star of Light, November 2021)